What We Do

Our passion is working with innovators in science and technology to accelerate new product development and innovation, by developing bespoke systems that bring the physical world into a computer for capture, analysis and actionable insight.

Innovation Meets Simplicity

Leading the Way


A successful track record of delivering robotic systems for use in some of the most hazardous environments on Earth.

Real-Time Embedded Systems

Vast experience in developing successful Real-Time applications using National Instruments technologies including; CompactRIO, PXI and sbRIO.

Measurement & Control

History of developing award-winning custom measurement and control systems to aid customers interact, measure and control the physical world. Many of our systems are used for product certification that demands robust control within fine tolerances.

Mechanical Design

Complete mechanical design and component/assembly structural integrity analysis.

Research & Development

We understand how research and development works. Innovation and ingenuity is at our core and we actively maintain strong links to universities and are involved in multiple UK and pan-European open innovation grants.

Analytics & Machine Learning

Unlock your data’s potential, by letting us develop bespoke learning models for deeper insight.

Some of Our Clients

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