Project Description

Nuclear Decommissioning Robotic Arm

James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) approached us to aid with development of the control software behind the ModuMan 100 manipulator, which operates as a powerful workhorse for the nuclear decommissioning industry. It offers six degrees of freedom (6DoF) and provides a functional 2.3 metre reach and a payload capacity of 100 kg at full stretch. The arm can be deployed through a standard-size penetration port for radiological cells or by using a carrier system and is compatible with a range of tooling. JFN selected suitable construction materials for the harsh operating environment and designed the link lengths to give optimum dexterity to navigate restricted environments.

To aid JFN with their ambitious project, we partnered them throughout development of the system; offering customised training to their engineers during early-stage software development, defined a suitable software architecture with incorporated fault management system and also provided developmental help as factory acceptance was fast approaching.

Project Details