Project Description

Heart Simulator

Our founders Dr David Keeling whilst still a researcher at the University of Leeds (many moons a go!) developed a testing environment to help advance a novel assistive device. Utilising LabVIEW and an embedded controller (cRIO) he was able to create a stand-a-lone hardware-in-the-loop heart simulator, which combined a physical mechanical heart to a circulatory blood flow model. The end solution was capable of replicating varying forms of heart disease as well as a variety of in-vivo models both physically and heamodynamically, hence providing a realistic and reconfigurable environment to advance the heart assist device without the need for animal testing.

Much to the surprise and delight of him and all of us at Key Engineering Solutions Limited the innovative testing environment has gone on to cause quite a stir; scooping multiple national and global awards (Read the technical case study…) and giving David his ten minutes of fame in prestigious engineering publications, such as Engineering & Technology Magazine (Read more…) and Professional Engineering Magazine (Read more…).

Project Details