Project Description

Gas Pipe Modulated Utility Robot

Current methods of replacing aged cast Iron Tier One gas distribution mains are costly, disruptive to customers and road users. Synthotech Limited are a global utility and infrastructure solutions company who sought to rectify this, by developing a truly ‘plug-and-play’ articulated robot that could be utilised for the effective renewal of gas mains and services. Such a solution would mean that a significant length of street could be reconnected through only two excavations, one at each end of the section of old CI main. The result would correspond to significantly reduced costs and resources, whilst at the same time improving safety, reducing environmental impact through reduced waste to landfill and reducing customer and third party disruption, leading to greater customer satisfaction.

To aid with development of such an ambitious system, Synthotech limited approached Key Engineering Solutions Limited because of our capability to apply innovative thinking to solve the most challenging of robotic and automated industrial problems expertise with robotics and control. Development of the OFGEM Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) funded device from concept through to reality is via six stage gates. (Read our case study…)

Project Details